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Holiday Fashion

Formal Dresses, Fashion and Shopping


Holiday fashion: Does that phrase put you in a panic?

Between Nutcracker performances, baking cookies, school plays and doing holiday cards, there's no time to plan how great you're going to look during the holidays.

Don't worry: we've got that part covered for you.

Find the dress you need, learn how to look a little sexier this season, and do it all with a minimum fuss.

What to Wear for the Holidays

  • Holiday Hostess Wear
    You've planned the menu, the guest list and the decorations. But do you have any idea what to wear? We'll help you decide early so that your outfit is the last thing on your mind the day of the holiday celebration.
  • 5 Holiday Fashion Mistakes
    Are you dressed up shinier than a Christmas tree? The problem may be that your holiday wardrobe may be a bit heavy on the glitz. Learn how to avoid common holiday fashion mistakes and look your prettiest this year.
  • How to Be Sexy
    We examined the style of 10 of the sexiest celebrities -- like Beyonce and Megan Fox -- to see what tips we regular women can use to up our sexy quotient. Perfect for holiday special events.

How to Dress Up for the Holidays

  • Get Party Perfect in 5 Days
    Get ready for a fabulous special occasion with our free, 5-day class. You'll learn how to decide what to wear, how to shop for a dress and more.
  • Best Dressy Holiday Styles
    You're invited! So now it's time to find a dressy holiday look: one that will work for most black tie, cocktail, business formal and formal holiday parties.
  • Dressing for Special Occasions
    Answers to all of your questions, including what's appropriate for weddings, exactly what "Black Tie" means, when to wear a tux, what to wear for different types of parties and more.
  • Survive the Holidays in Style
    If the thought of shopping, wrapping, cooking and looking fabulous at parties makes you cringe, you may need help getting through the holidays in style. We've got 8 ideas to help you survive the holidays in style.
  • How to Wear Patterned Tights
    Take your little black dress from boring to beautiful with patterned tights that let your skin peek through.
  • Formal Hairstyle Photo Gallery
    Get inspired by gorgeous runway hair pictures and find the updo, ponytail or trendy look that will work for with your formal dress.
  • Little Black Dress
    The LBD will take you to most holiday functions with style and ease. Find our top picks here.
  • 10 Party 'Musts'
    Stock up on party basics and you'll always be ready for a last-minute special occasion. Stick with basics -- the little black dress, a perfect evening clutch -- and you'll get mileage out of these festive pieces for years to come. Find our Top 10 party essentials here!
  • What to Wear with Your Formal Dress
    You've found the perfect formal dress for your special occasion. Now it's time to add earrings, bracelets, shoes and necklaces to complete the look. Get inspiration with our step-by-step photo gallery of formal accessories.

Holiday Shopping Help

  • How to Shop in a Hurry
    You can learn to navigate the aisles in a flash with these insider tips to shopping for apparel in a hurry.
  • No Time to Shop? 6 Alternatives
    No time to shop? Whether you're a busy exec or a tired-out mom, you can learn how to shop faster (and smarter) to pull together a great look in less time.
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