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Fashion History

Specific fashion eras, from medieval styles to the mod '60s. Online collections and museum links. Costumes and reproductions.
  1. 1800s (2)
  2. 1920s (4)
  3. 1940s (4)
  4. 1960s1970s 1980s (3)
  5. Costumes (9)
  6. Early 1900s (2)
  7. Famous Designers (2)
  8. Fashion Collections (4)
  9. General history (11)
  10. Medieval (2)
  11. Renaissance (3)

Recession Chic
If necessity is the mother of all invention, then fashion trends born of hard times are surely the stylish sister.

10 Shocking Fashion Deaths
Murder, suicide and untimely deaths all play a part in the fashion world. Read more about the shocking deaths of Gianni Versace, Ossie Clark and many others.

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