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New York Fashion Week


Fashion Week Inside tents

An interior shot of what the tents erected in Bryant Park for Fashion Week in New York.

Cynthia Nellis Bryant park exterior

The exterior of the tents the erected at Bryant Park for Fashion Week in New York.

Cynthia Nellis


Designers produce fashion shows to show off their latest collections. Currently, the shows are sponsored by Mercedes-Benz so they are referred to as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. in the past, they've been referred to by other sponsors such as Olympus Fashion Week.


Lincoln Center. The shows were held at Bryant Park in tents until September 2010 when they moved to the Lincoln Center venue.


Twice a year. The Fashion Week fall shows are held the preceding winter (February). The spring shows are held the preceding late summer (September).


Fashion shows are attended by journalists, editors, buyers, celebrities and social types. The Fashion Week shows are invitation-only and each fashion designer is responsible for the guest list. Journalists must seek accreditation prior to the event.
Fashion Week Schedule


Fashion Week is an excellent opportunity for American (and a few international) designers -- ranging from Oscar de la Renta to Zac Posen -- to show off their upcoming collections. The fashion shows are often entertaining, accompanied by loud, mood-setting music and changing lighting. The press writes about and photographs the runway collections for newspapers, magazines, internet and television so the general public can see what is going on in fashion.


Fashion Week is produced by 7th on Sixth, which was originally formed by the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 1993, then acquired by IMG -- a lifestyle and sports marketing and management firm -- in 2001.

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