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Tall Women's Dresses


Whether you're going to a wedding, to work or on a hot date, every tall woman needs to know how to pick out a killer dress. Learn which dresses work best on a tall woman's frame and how to style yourself so your dress looks as hot on you as it did on the runway.

1. Spring Dresses

Learn which stores offer cute dresses made specifically for tall women.

2. Red Dresses

Copy these tall women's red-hot runway looks - you know if it looked good on another tall woman, it will look great on you.

3. Sexy Dresses

There's definitely a difference between the dress you wear in the boardroom and the dress you wear to keep your date from getting bored! Learn how to choose the right sexy dress for you.

4. Little Black Dresses

Every tall woman should own at least one or two little black dresses. Learn how to choose the right LBDs for your tall figure.

5. Perfect Summer Dress

You can't go wrong when shopping for summer dresses if you pick up this perfect Marc by Marc Jacobs dress. If you can't afford the designer version, just use its guidelines when you pick out your summer staples.

6. Skirt Length

At one point or another, every tall woman has to ask herself, "How much leg is too much leg?" Learn how to decide on skirt length based on your age and your planned activities.

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