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Designer profiles

Interviews, biographies and profiles give a glimpse at the real person behind all the glamour.

Designers' humble beginnings
Ralph Lauren peddled ties on the road, Marc Jacobs was a stock boy and Manolo Blahnik was a jeans buyer. Read about how and where your favorite designer got started in the industry.

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren has taken American classics and created a lifestyle empire.

Bill Blass
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Barbara Cloud talks about the classy Blass, shortly after his death in June '02.

Calvin Klein
Find out more about this legendary designer.

Coco Chanel
A biography of the prolific designer who changed the face of fashion with innovations like jersey suits and dresses, strapless dresses, turtleneck sweaters, costume jewelry and the little black dress.

Donatella Versace
In the 90s took over designing for her slain brother Gianni Versace. Her fashion shows are studded with celebrities like George Clooney and Madonna, who vie for a peek at the super-sexy styles.

Donna Karan
She reinvented power dressing for women with her figure-loving designs. Read more about this influential designer.

Helmut Lang
The CFDA's former Menswear Designer of the Year was one of fashion's most innovative designers, turning out collection after collection of sleek, urban and wearable styles for him and her.

John Bartlett
He's a young designer from Ohio who studied at both Harvard and F.I.T. Find out more about his background and get some good men's style tips.

Kate Spade
The handbag queen arrived in New York with $2 in her pocket, went to work at Mademoiselle, then started her own company selling the hip handbags, a profile from Urban Desires.

Michael Kors
His designs are uptown luxe and he's dressed socialites and movie stars through both his eponymous line and Celine. Find out more about this talented designer.

Oscar de la Renta
CFDA's 2000 designer of the year has spent fifty years in the business. His feminine designs are extraordinary and timeless. Learn how to develop the look yourself.

Tom Ford
He's gone from fashion for now, but his stamp that he left on Gucci is still felt.

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