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Sheer Celebrities


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Uma Thurman's See-Through Dress
Sheer Celebrities

Uma Thurman

Chris Jackson/Getty Images
The Celebrity: Uma Thurman showed up to a glamorous October 2007 event wearing a very see-through (front and back!) Valentino dress.

The 37-year-old mother of two developed Body Dysmorphic Disorder after the birth of her daughter, which left her convinced she was fat, according to Talk magazine.

"Typically, people with Body Dysmorphic Disorder try to hide their imagined flaws," said About.com Guide to Psychology Kendra Van Wagner. "In Thurman's case, she might be taking steps to combat her negative self-perceptions," she said.

Van Wagner also said Thurman might wear revealing clothes to get attention and compliments to challenge her own ideas about the way she looks: "One of the common treatments for BDD involves having patients reevaluate their misperceptions and replace negative thoughts with more realistic ones."

The Designer: The iconic fashion designer Valentino said "I always say I am here to make women look beautiful and not like fools or crazy fashion victims." in Time.

Fashion Verdict: Possibly the result of a legitimate mental disorder. Cut her some slack.

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