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Tall Fashion Designer - L'Wren Scott


Tall Fashion Designer - L'Wren Scott
L'Wren Scott Tall Women's Fashion

L'Wren Scott - tall women's fashion designer.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

In honor of fashion week, it's only fitting to highlight a tall fashion designer. L'Wren Scott, long-time girlfriend of Mick Jagger, began working as a fashion designer in 2006 following success as a model and stylist. She stands at an impressive 6'4", and originally began making clothes for herself as a teen because she couldn't find anything to fit her tall, lean frame.

Her designs include beautiful and expensive dresses and pantsuits. A single dress can cost up to $5,000.00. Favored by A-list stars like Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Naomi Campbell and Angelina Jolie, her designs are regularly seen on the red carpet.

See her Spring 2011 Serengeti Sunset collection on her website - a beautiful, wearable twist on the African skies.

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