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Best Dressed, Oscars 2013


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Best Dress: Naomi Watts
Actress Naomi Watts
Kevork Djansezian/Staff/Getty Images Entertainment
I thought Naomi Watts had the most amazing and stunning dress of the evening: a great departure from the usual red carpet fare. Her glittery silver Armani Prive dress had dramatic cutouts and a small train.

One of my stylist friends said she thought the dress was too glittery, but I thought it looked right on trend (lots of metallics on the red carpet) and the cut was just so amazing and modern that it worked with all the beading (as opposed to Catherine Zeta-Jones' gold beaded dress which looked more dated.)

I loved how Naomi Watts paired the dress with soft hair and makeup; even the jewelry was smartly low-key to let the dress shine.

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