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Michelle Obama

Best-Dressed Political Wife


The wife of president-elect Barack Obama knows what looks good on her. Michelle Obama has been named twice to the International Best-Dressed List and flaunts off-the-rack looks as well as designer.
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Michelle Obama speaks to a crowd of supporters at a fundraiser in Chicago.Black Dress and PearlsMichelle Obama at a primary night rally in New Hampshire.Print Skirt and Mary JanesMichelle and Barack Obama make a campaign stop in Pennsylvania.Green ShirtMichelle Obama, wearing her signature pearls.Pearls
Michelle Obama listens as her husband addresses supporters in Indiana.Print ShirtMichelle Obama in a purple silk Maria Pinto sheath dress.Purple DressMichelle Obama greets supporters in Chicago.Red SuitMichelle Obama takes the stage at a luncheon in Washington, DC. Striped Suit

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