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Mr. Blackwell's Worst-Dressed '06

Paris, Britney Make Repeat Appearances


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, on the Heatherette Spring '07 runway.

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Find out who Mr. Blackwell picked for this year (2007).

This annual worst-dressed thing is starting to get just waaaay too easy.

For starters, Mr. Blackwell's fashion-challenged targets are starting to travel in packs (Paris, Britney, Lindsay) which make them easier to spot.

And then there are the fashion victims themselves, who insist on doing nutsy moves like flashing the paparazzi (Britney) and inexplicably choosing precisely the wrong outfit at every turn (Mariah).

For the 47th Annual Worst-Dressed List, Mr. Blackwell has plenty of celebrity fashion foibles to dish about. Here are his picks for the worst of the bunch:

  1. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton - This newly formed fashion disaster duo is a friendship based on a mutual love for partying, miniskirts, blonde hair extensions and self-tanners. Mr. Blackwell placed them in a first-place tie for the worst of the worst dressed and called them "Two peas in an over-exposed pod." How hard is it to look great when you're gorgeous, blonde and rich?
  2. Camilla Parker-Bowles - Mr. Blackwell calls her the "Duchess of Dowdy," and of all the famous people on this list you have to imagine that she's the one that cares the least that she's considered a worst-dressed.
  3. Lindsay Lohan - OK, so maybe her red carpet choices aren't flawless, but you have to give her some credit for at least trying to dress grown-up on the red carpet (as opposed to posse members Britney and Paris, the perpetual teenyboppers.)
  4. Christina Aguilera - Mr. Blackwell labels her "All crass and no class." Truth is, Christina's never really found a successful defining look; instead she seems to be channeling Donatella Versace's signature style with her long platinum-blond hair and garish makeup.
  5. Mariah Carey - Mariah simply wears her clothes too tight (drat trying to cram into that double zero!) and pretty much always has. And she overdoes everything. So even when Mariah comes close to getting it right stylewise, she loses points for ill-fitting garments and frumpy 'dos. Mr. Blackwell calls her "Mariah, the fashion pariah."
  6. Paula Abdul - Paula's look has always been all about the hair, but even that wasn't enough to keep Mr. Blackwell from calling her the "fallen fashion idol."
  7. Sharon Stone - Just think: merely a decade ago Sharon created a fashion frenzy for mock-neck Gap T-shirts when she redefined dressing for the Oscars with her high-low mix. She's had many missteps since then and it didn't escape Mr. Blackwell's attention (he likened her to Cruella deVille).
  8. Tori Spelling - Poor little rich girl. Nobody every mistook her for a fashion icon, but now that she's barefoot, pregnant and hosting yard sales her style quotient takes a big hit (Mr. Blackwell calls it "Down and Out in Beverly Hills.")
  9. Sandra Oh - We saw this coming when Sandra dared to defile a perfect Vera Wang dress with Run DMC-style gold chains. Oh Sandra! No wonder Mr. Blackwell referred to your look as "layered lunacy."
  10. Meryl Streep - Maybe we wouldn't have realized just how "mother-of-the-bride" (as Mr. Blackwell puts it) Meryl's wardrobe was until we saw how absolutely smashing she could look when she appeared as a fashion editor in "The Devil Wears Prada."
  11. Who Do You Think Was Worst-Dressed of '06?

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