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What to wear...
with white
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"I had heard that you are not supposed to wear shoes that are lighter than your dress, but doesn't white go with navy? "
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If head-to-toe white is too nurse-y for you, try these go-withs to show off your pristine pieces:

What better way to show off this season's stripes than with clean, white trousers as a foil? Below, Chompol Serimont.

whitestripes.JPG (10031 bytes)

Show a bit of skin with white to offset the goody-two-shoes color. Here, the soft white blouse off the shoulder looks sweetly sexy. Below, Keenan-Dufty

whiteskin.JPG (12800 bytes)

Black and white print
Graphic black and white prints look extra-sharp this season. Pick a B&W print for the bottom and add a solid white top. Below, Cynthia Steffe

whitebw.JPG (11997 bytes)

Whether it's a white peasant top with jeans or a sheer white tube (below, BCBG), denim is the perfect partner for something white. Softer washes (faded, blasted, whiskered, etc.) look better than dark rinses.

whitedenim.JPG (10695 bytes)


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