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All about Spring 2001
[Part 1: Trends]
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"Rocker-chic, the colour orange and burberry print are all "so five minutes ago" ...so what's next??
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Summer and winter are easy seasons.

When it's hot, all you need are shorts and Ts; when the deep freeze sets in investment wools and cashmere sweaters are standbys.

But when the first hint of spring is in the air, you realize that neither wardrobe extreme will do: it's time to shop again.

This spring fashion has enough trends bubbling up to keep everyone both the aesthetically pure at heart to the girlie well-clothed.

From Miguel Adrover's mismatched preppy look to Callaghan's draped Grecian goddess, designers revived styles from just about every era this season.

The hard-edged glamour of the '80s was an overriding theme for spring. From slicked-back hair to strong shoulders and white jeans, this look was inspired more than one designer.

Here are a few of the looks (click on photo for full-size image):

paula32.JPG (27487 bytes)Slim white pantsuit-Paula Hian

sptrendbw.JPG (32124 bytes)Black and white-Jill Stuart More on this trend
girlsrule640.JPG (13019 bytes)Rock chick-Rocket 898
girlsrule717.JPG (41929 bytes)Military chic-Gia Ventola More on this trend
davidr419.JPG (14779 bytes)Full skirt-David Rodriguez
ajon299.JPG (17663 bytes)Miniskirt-Anand Jon
victora262.JPG (38824 bytes) Supple leathers-Victor Alfaro
peters170.JPG (39059 bytes) Hanky hems - Peter Som
margiet563.JPG (27395 bytes) Off the shoulder - Margie Tsai
jamesp89.JPG (17954 bytes) Short, fitted jackets - James Purcell

Accessory trends
- Big bucket and clutch bags
- Studs and grommets
- Lace-up sandals
- Big belts
- Spectator (two-tone) shoes
- Ankle straps and laced up (think Gladiator-style) sandals

All photos copyright 2001 Cynthia Nellis

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