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What to wear on a first date

How to show the real you, be romantic


Banish pre-date jitters about what to wear! Just follow these easy tips.

Show your romantic side

Head-to-toe ruffles aren't neccessary; a hint of feminity is. Pair soft tops with structured pants or skirts; long, flowing skirts with a simple top. Pink is the ultimate romantic color (and it just happens to look great on everyone).

Skip the sleaze

Dressing like Lil' Kim on the first date may get his attention, but it won't hold his affection for long. Instead try peekaboo styles that do keep something to the imagination: crocheted sweaters, sheer tops over a tank, slit skirts.

Be comfortable

No need to hold your breath in tight jeans: opt for something with a bit of stretch if figure-hugging styles are your thing. And stilettos may look sexy, but your dogs will be barking in minutes if you go with too-high heels. Try leg-lengthening wedges instead or a sandal that laces at the ankle for added foot appeal.

Reveal the real you

Whether it's your lucky charm bracelet or a groovy pin, let the real you shine through with well-thought-out pieces or accessories.

Simple ways to reveal bits of your personality:

  • Wear your favorite color; hues tell alot about the wearer.
  • Don a sentimental piece of jewelry (your grandmother's necklace; your friendship ring from junior high).
  • Dress in a familiar style (only a bit better). If downtown diva is your thing, don't show up in Laura Ashley just to win his heart.

Pass on status pieces

Chances are, he's not going to know Manolo from Mossimo, so save your impressive designer labels for girls' night out. Remember that if you show up looking like too much of a fashion plate, he may be intimidated by your shopping prowess (and start wondering just how much dinero he'd be out in a long-term relationship with you!)

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