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Style Scoop

The '80s


Did the '80s ever really leave?

Glance around in a crowd and chances are you'll see someone still wearing leggings or sporting a bi-level haircut.

Get the look

  • Hard-edged glamour: big shoulder pads, big hair, bold makeup, lots of gold and black with bright colors. Go punk and new wave: pin on band buttons, black ankle socks with pumps one-shoulder.
  • Fun and sexy: Lingerie for daywear, miniskirts, one-shoulder shirts, piles of bangle bracelets.
  • Retro preppy: Lacoste, monogrammed everything, Lilly Pulitzer, pink and green, madras plaid.

For more inspiration grab up early DVDs of Madonna in "Who's That Girl?" Molly Ringwald "The Breakfast Club" and Rob Lowe and Demi Moore in "St. Elmo's Fire."

How to wear it
Retro-inspired fashion never really means that anything goes: acid-wash jeans, legwarmers, fringed boots and other fads of the decade are best left in the '80s.

Instead, try a small dose of '80s party-girl or preppy in your wardrobe. A clutch bag here, a gold chain belt there. Maybe even a bit of big hair. Just remember not to do the look head-to-toe unless you have an unerringly deft hand at styling.

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