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Top 8 Fashion Trends & People of 2003


Take a look at who, and what, made fashion news in 2003.

1) Paris Hilton

Long a fixture at the fashion shows, heiress Paris Hilton transformed herself from part-time model and party girl to a full-fledged celebrity. Paris' recipe for overnight super stardom? A surpise hit TV show, "The Simple Life," an impossibly thin and scantily designer-clad body plus a scandalous sex tape.

2) Louis Vuitton Murakami Bag

Almost as overexposed as Bennifer, this was the bag that inspired a jillion knockoffs (called everything from the "Rainbow" to the "Bow" bags.)

3) Tom Ford

Tom Ford dropped a bomb on the fashion world when he announced that he's leaving Gucci after nearly a decade of cranking out sexy, profitable and fashion-forward designs.

4) Track suits

Velour, terry, belly-exposing or baggy: the track suit (which lived in other eras as a sweat, jog or wind suit) was a huge hit for men and women this year.

5) Celebrity clothing lines

Certainly not new for 2003, but celebrity clothing lines reached a pinnacle when even freshly minted celebs like Hilary Duff pushed their own togs onto store racks.

6) Cargo everything

What better way to be urban and mobile than with pockets on pants, skirts and purses to stash stuff? Consumers loved their cargos, as much for comfort and convenience as trend-worthiness (after all, nobody really thought they looked chic in puffy cargo pants, did they?)

7) Monogram madness

Cute in small doses, overkill as a head-to-toe look on everything from sweaters to bracelets. Personalizing clothes and accessories with initials peaked for holiday 2003, but took root several years ago when Sarah Jessica Parker's character on "Sex and the City" sported an initial necklace.

8) Makeover mania

From "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" to "What Not to Wear" to "Extreme Makeover, varying degrees of fashion experts played a big part in making over the sartorially challenged on TV makeover shows.

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