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Stay on top of the latest teen fashion trends by checking out these articles, all written by teen fashion expert, Casey Lewis of TeenFashionista.com

Just click on the link following each intro paragraph to take you to the entire article.

What to Wear on First Day of School
Don't stress about first day fashion. Just follow these tips to back-to-school style success.

How to Shop
Should you buy it because it's on sale? Shop alone or with friends? We have all the answers here.

Teen Online Shopping sites!

Jean-ius DIY projects
Turn those ugly jeans into a darling mini or custom-looking jeans with these cool DIY projects.

Learn the lingo: Teen style glossary
Too embarrassed to ask what an Ugg is? Not sure what a rubgy or timbs are? No need to fret: our teen fashion glossary will help you out on the sly!

Teen fashionistas
Teenage celebrities have serious fashion smarts! Learn more about your favorite stars' personal style vibe, from Hilary Duff's quirky teen queen look to Linsday Lohan's punkish groove.

Teen guy essentials
Teen guys need fashion, too! Check out our must-have list of teen guy wardrobe essentials including the jeans, cargos and Ts you should have in your closet to always look cool.

Season-proof your wardrobe
It's easy to buy a new wardrobe every season if you're a zillionaire. But when money's tight, the best thing to do is find season-spanning basics. Casey has great fashion tips for teens looking to stretch their wardrobes, while always looking up-to-date.

Teen fashion quiz
Wonder where you rank on the fashion food chain? Take this quiz and find out!

Casey is a real, fashion-forward teenage girl who loves clothes(and describes her own look as "trendy prep")

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