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How to shop

Raid the kids' departments, shop alone, touch it



Casey checks out the view all around with the help of a three-way mirror.

Cynthia Nellis
  1. Shop by yourself or bring along a totally trusted, stylish friend (or your oh-so fashionable mom, in my case!)
  2. Use the three-way mirror. What may look fabulous from the front could look totally drab from the back.
  3. Dress/beautify for shopping so you don't look like a troll in the mirrors. Stick with your everyday makeup and jewelry.
  4. Set a budget and don't budge!
  5. Yeah, you're a junior: so what? If you wear a size 4 or smaller, try shopping in Girls' departments. For all sizes, the Boys' dept. has fabulous basics: tees, buttondowns, sweaters, etc.
  6. Try a new store each time at the mall and shop out of your price range (under or over ) to find new looks.
  7. Touch, touch touch. Garmentos judge an item by it's "feel."
  8. Always try on and makeno exceptions.
  9. Don't be in a hurry: allot enough time.
  10. Make sure you have on the right undergarments, especially for formal dresses, camisoles, etc.
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