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All about leather

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OK, you know not to toss your leather apparel in the washing machine. But now it's time to get technical:

-Don't store leather in a plastic garment bag! It can't breathe. Opt for a cloth cover instead.

- If you absolutely must iron the item, set the iron on the lowest setting. Don't use steam! Place a heavy brown wrapping paper (or grocery bag) on the right side of the garment between the garment and the iron. Quickly iron using a light hand. Avoid overheating!

- Keep the item on a broad, sturdy hanger so it keeps its shape.

-You can fix hems with a tiny amount of rubber cement, according to the Leather Apparel Association.

- If the garment becomes wet, let it dry naturally. Avoid extreme heat or humidity that may damage the skin's natural oils.

-Clean smooth leathers with a damp cloth.

-Regularly brush suedes and nubuck. Avoid cleaning chemicals.

-Don't spray hairspray or perfume while wearing your leather items.

- Seek out a professional leather care specialist when the garment becomes badly worn or soiled.

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