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Celebrity Clothing Lines

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Celebrity Clothing Lines

Jessica Simpson

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We're influenced by celebrities every day. We watch their movies, listen to their songs and read about their dirty laundry in magazines. But fashion has been the biggest inspiration to the modern-day consumer with celebrities designing fashion lines of their own.

Jessica Simpson
Simpson has had several lines out in the past few years, with the most recent (and lasting) ones being Jessica Simpson Footwear Compare Prices and Jessica Simpson Swimwear. Compare Prices

Elizabeth Hurley
Her line, Beach, consists of beachwear designed to allow the woman to feel exotic and sexy. The line was launched in April 2005, can only be found in the UK.

>Reba McIntyre
For the classic look and design, Reba, has it all. Inspired by her past of hand-me-downs, McEntire, like many designers puts a little of her own style into her line.

Christy Turlington
An avid yoga participant, Turlington helped design Nuala,Compare Prices Puma's line of yogawear meaning "meditation in motion."

Elle Macpherson
Elle Macpherson Intimates Compare Prices has been around more than 12 years, selling in places like Australia and the UK.

Jaclyn Smith
The godmother of celebrity fashion lines, Jaclyn Smith -- a former "Charlie's Angel" -- has sold more than 40 million pieces of the Kmart line since the launch in 1985 according to NY Daily News.

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