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4Senter.jpg (7300 bytes)Luxe Honeymoons
Recommended by Susan Breslow Sardone, About Guide to Honeymoons/Romantic Getaways
Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada
" In a town not known for refined resorts, impeccable service, hushed hallways, and elegant decor, this new hotel has it...in spades."
Read more about luxe Las Vegas from this Guide (Photo left)

Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
"The ideal lovers' getaway. Your vacation can include sailing on a private boat to a deserted tropical island...or taking a helicopter ride to a secluded beach for a champagne picnic for two."
Read more about the Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas from this Guide.
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Luxe Truck

Recommended by Todd Jensen, About Guide to Trucks
Ford Limited Edition Harley-Davidson F-150, Available throughout the U.S.
"While not as expensive as a Range Rover or as macho as the Hummer, the Harley-Davidson F-150 is perhaps the ultimate in vanity trucks for the well-heeled Harley-lover with an extra $33,000 to spend on this exclusive fashion accessory. With 20-inch chrome wheels, 330 cubic inch power plant and acres of lush leather interior work accented with chrome Harley-Davidson logos, this hauling Hog will make even the most tattooed of hard core bikers swoon. Only available in black, of course."
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Luxe Private School
Recommended by Rob Kennedy, About Guide to Private Schools
Institute le Rosey, Rolle, Switzerland
"Dodi Fayed, and many, many other rich people have gone there. Quite simply the epitome of exclusivity and concerned care for its clientele."
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Luxe California Destination
Recommended by Betsy Malloy, About Guide to California for Visitors
The Inn at Mt. Ada, Catalina lsland, Los Angeles County, California
"When William R. Wrigley, the chewing gum magnate, decided to build his home on Catalina Island, he found the perfect location - a site that catches the first rays of sun in the morning and the last rays of sun at night. Views of tiny Avalon below and the ocean all around complete the storybook setting. Innkeepers Marlene & Susie make every guest feel as if they owned the place, and you get your own personal golf cart for transportation!"
Read more about The Inn at Mt. Ada from this Guide.
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Luxe Car
Recommended by Philip Powell, Guide to Cars
Bentley Continental T, driven in Monaco
Read more about the Bentley Continental T from this Guide.
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Luxe Jewelry
Recommended by Tammy Powley, Guide to Jewelry Making
Platinum, mined in Russia
"Platinum is back and very popular. Though it's an expensive metal, it is also the hardest precious metal available."
Read more about platinum from this Guide.
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Luxe Cocktail
Recommended by Kathy Hamlin, About Guide to Cocktails
A Goombay Smash
"This is a deliciously sinful drink that originated in the Bahamas. Where better to enjoy one?"
Get the recipe from this Guide.
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Luxe Cruise
Recommended by Linda Garrison, About Guide to Cruises
A private cruise starting in Mediterranean, on to Monte Carlo, Greek Isles and much more.
Read more about the ultimate cruise destinations from this Guide.

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Luxe Home Furnishings
Recommended by Glenna Morton, About Guide toInterior Decorating
Brunschwig & Fils', New York City, NY
"Brunschwig & Fils' elegant fabrics and wallpapers have been the centerpiece of quality design for over 100 years. A line of elegant furniture was added about 15 years ago. (You've probably seen their magazine ads that feature a photo of one gorgeous chair.) Browse their site, see the furniture vignettes, tour the showrooms online, then call a designer to order since their products are available only "to the trade".
Read more about hiring a designer from this Guide.

Fabergé Love Doves Egg, France
"This French Fabergé egg opens to reveal two small golden doves. At $950 each, how many would you like? It's beautiful to look at, but then you've got to dust it. Oh, who are we kidding? If you can afford this trinket you've probably got a butler on staff.
Read more about arranging accessories from this Guide.

Mackenzie-Childs Accent Table
"A tiny table, beautifully hand-painted in an explosion of whimsical patterns from Mackenzie-Childs, Ltd. Not may 12"x14" tables can boast a tin-faced drawer, hand beaded glass fringe, floral and check ceramic transfers, and crystal door-knob feet. Mackenzie-Childs is famous for their colorful dinnerware and has expanded into tiles, placemats, sinks, armoires, and more. Get them all. It's a fab look.
Read more about men's and women's taste in furniture from this Guide.
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Luxe Online Shopping

Recommended by Frank Fiore, About Guide to Online Shopping
Exotic Travel Packages
Read more about buying luxurious travel online from this guide.
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Luxe Beds
Recommended by Glenna Morton, About Guide to Interior Decorating
Bratt Decor Baby Crib, Sweden
"What baby wouldn't feel like an angel in this gorgeous piece of furniture? If you have your heart set on baby luxe, this wrought iron and ostrich feather crib might be at the top of your list. While you're at get a baby armoire, iron changing table, and all of the other beautiful pieces from Bratt Decor.
Read more about Baby Luxe from this Guide.

Duxiana Beds, Sweden
"What price is comfort, especially for 1/3 of your life? At around $5,000 a Dux bed (kingsize) may be the most expensive bed on the market. But try one and you may be hooked. While a conventional queen-size bed uses up to 900 springs, a queen-size DUX bed uses up to 3,700 springs to support you without pressure points.
Read more about selecting mattress sizes from this Guide.
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Luxe Africa Travel
Recommended by Steven Venter, About Guide to Africa for Visitors
The Blue Train, South Africa
"Designed as a five-star hotel on wheels, the Blue Train offers guests the best that modern technology and superior service can provide."
Read more about the luxurious Blue Train from this Guide.
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Luxe Glass Art
Recommended by Sharon Silvia, About Guide to Art and Technology
Glass artworks by Dale Chihuly
, Washington
Reason: "Chihuly has fostered the growth and acceptance of glass art. The many and varied works of this renowned Master glass artist have exposed us to the awe-inspiring beauty of glass worldwide. Prestigious hotels, like the Bellagio Hotel, in Las Vegas, offers its visitors a 40,000-pound Chihuly glass work... hanging over their heads!"
Read more about Dale Chihuly from this Guide.
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Luxe Horse Racing
Recommended by Cindy Pierson, About Guide to Horse Racing

Saratoga Race Course, Saratoga Springs, NY
"America's oldest track, Saratoga Race Course, opens for it's 131st season on July 26th and runs through September 4th. The Spa meet is generally held to be the most prestigious in the nation with 35 stakes races worth $8.725 million in prize money."
Read more about Saratoga Race Course from this Guide.
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Luxe French Food
Recommended by Anne Cerva, About Guide to French Cuisine
La Tour d'Argent, Paris
"Lobster, grilled and served with a champagne butter sauce...I'd like to savor this fine meal at a three star restaurant such as La Tour d'Argent where the view of the Seine would be my appetizer."
Read more about indulgent French cuisine from this Guide.
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